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CodeIgniter User Guide Version 2.1.3

Upgrading from 1.3.2 to 1.3.3

Note: The instructions on this page assume you are running version 1.3.2. If you have not upgraded to that version please do so first.

Before performing an update you should take your site offline by replacing the index.php file with a static one.

Step 1: Update your CodeIgniter files

Replace the following directories in your "system" folder with the new versions:

Note: If you have any custom developed files in these folders please make copies of them first.

Step 2: Update your Models

If you are NOT using CodeIgniter's Models feature disregard this step.

As of version 1.3.3, CodeIgniter does not connect automatically to your database when a model is loaded. This allows you greater flexibility in determining which databases you would like used with your models. If your application is not connecting to your database prior to a model being loaded you will have to update your code. There are several options for connecting, as described here.

Step 3: Update your user guide

Please also replace your local copy of the user guide with the new version.


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